UML Model Assessment

If you are using Unified Modelling Language (UML) on your projects, do you have a feel for the quality of the UML you are producing and its value to the development process? We provide a specialist UML quality assessment consultancy service that is tailored to your working practices to help you drive up the efficiency of UML production on your projects.
Every assessment we do is tailored to meet the client's specific circumstances (e.g. safety critical or defence applications have a different modelling need to small desktop or web application. However our key UML assessment criteria and probing UML process and model quality questionnaire is designed to accurately report on the current model quality and teases out recommendations for improvement.
Our UML model assessment concentrate on 6 quality categories, each report uses the same key criteria enabling a project to see how it is improving over time, or for a business to compare the quality of UML produced by different divisions.
Every UML assessment includes a comprehensive report, with executive summary, quick-wins and long term goals, assessments require time on-site, this service is available throughout the UK.
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