Technical Advice

Independent software process analysis and advice can yield phenomenal returns on investment for departments even those with relatively small teams of around a dozen software developers. Minor efficiency savings can be multiplied up over several team members and lengthy project durations. If a project is in trouble then the effects of good independent advice can be even more dramatic.
We have consultants that can work onsite with you anywhere in the UK taking the time to understand your processes, problem space and the way that you work. We can then provide an external view of best practice and from that produce tangible and realistic recommendations for change and improvement.
Sometime a business finds itself with a difficult technical decision to make, but does not have the resources to prototype or fully analyse the available options. We can provide specialist short-term advice and consultancy, evaluating and prototyping technical options and presenting findings such that you can be confident in making the correct decisions without directing resources away from other priorities.
Ocassionaly a software development project finds itself in trouble, if there are numerous internal viewpoints on how to proceed intependant technical advice can help the project come to a consensus and identify the best way through the difficulty.
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