Software Development - Knowledge Management

Every business decision is based upon “knowledge” - Do your business people have the right knowledge at the right time to make informed decisions? Even small organisations can struggle to capture, share, organise and present information effectively. Creating more bureaucratic paperwork is rarely the answer; neither is “investing” in more out-of-the box software developed for someone else’s business.

Making sure you have the right information at your fingertips - different business people look at the same information from different perspectives, so the same information needs to be organised and presented in the most appropriate format for each business role. We can also help you ensure that the right information is captured in the first place without requiring any excessive manual typing, whilst minimising the risks of human data entry error.
Data Mining - Most businesses collate a lot of data, we can help you get the information you need in the format that you want it in. Often the activity of answering business questions, by querying existing data, enables businesses to make informed decisions based on fact rather than just feeling.
Data Sharing - Being able to share both summary and detailed information between departments and individuals helps those entities work together efficiently. We can provide the tools you need to help you share data effectively whilst keeping private data confidential.  Web and internally hosted data sharing solutions designed and delivered to meet your particular requirements.
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