Safety Critical User Interface Development

Human Machine Interaction (HMI) relies on users making the appropriate decisions and interacting appropriately in response to real-time events.
Great user interfaces:

  • Reduce thinking time
  • Reduce and the probability of making incorrect decisions
  • Reduce the chances of selecting a different action from that intended.

FSS has extensive experience delivering development guidance and practical support for safety critical user-interfaces for aircraft and land based systems.

Safety Critical User Interface Development

The user interface is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any system to get right.  The ability of end users to operate systems safely and make correct decisions depends on how well information is presented to them and how well the user interface integrates with the system software behind.
User Interface software development has become a specialist field, requiring dedicated expertise from experienced software developers, requirements managers, human-factors specialists, designers, etc.  
FSS aim to provide pragmatic support to user-interface development projects, brining extensive experience from Safety Critical avionics and Land-Based systems.

Reduce Development Costs and Risk

User-Interface (and UI Interaction software) development is a discipline naturally associated with significant programme risk, often interacting with multiple systems and hence required early on in a programme.  It is also an area an end-customer is likely to be highly sensitive about.
Significant reductions in risk, development timescales and through life-cost can be realised by utilising experienced experts following proven processes.  Something as simple as ensuring that the right documentation is produced in a manner so that it is accessible to all relevant stakeholders; could be the difference between a successful on-time delivery and a problematic overrun.

From Requirements Discovery to Fully Qualified Solution

Whatever process stage you are at we will have relevant experience that you can rely on.  We have experts that can fit into your processes to lend support and where required provide guidance to help resolve programme delivery problems. 

As the complexity and scale of software systems has grown, the best practices to achieve DO-178C qualification have evolved, but the requirement for the right people, right tools and right process remains the same.

Three Ways We Can Help

Our User-Interface development support falls into three categories:

  • Pragmatic Advice
  • Extra Team Members
  • Dedicated Development Tools / Integrations

Pragmatic Advice – Avoid Costly Mistakes:

Are you looking into adopting a new standard or process and want to identify potential benefits and pitfalls?  Maybe you are mid-way through a lengthy programme and need to look at options afresh?  Once we have listened and understood your circumstances we can make assessments and provide practical guidance based on past experience.

Extra Team Members – UI Expertise:

Not only are FSS Experts available for both short and long term assignments, but through our partnership organisation ALS Technologies we are able to draw from a large pool of User-Interface and Safety Critical experts. On site consultancy as well as off-site offload of work packages can be accommodated.

Dedicated UI Development Tools:

One of the easiest ways of boosting productivity is by ensuring that team-members have the right development tools to work quickly, effectively whilst reducing the chances of mistakes. As well as dedicated products to support ARINC 661 User Application development (UA squared and UA Emulator) FSS have also helped large organisations through the production of bespoke plug-ins and integrations for modelling tools, requirements tools and Integrated-Development-Environments.