Integration of Development Tools

Quite rightly development teams pick the best software tools for their tasks, but all too often these tools do not share all the information that they could do or fail to present their data in all the formats that are required. As well as being an Artisan technology and consulting partner we have experience working with most of the major software development tools that are in common use and can produce tool integration solutions that help your development teams “work faster and smarter”.
Software tool integration can save a significant amount of implementation effort, the top drivers for software tool integration include:
• Automatically generate meaningful design or test documentation
• Detect bugs or loading issues prior to deployment
• Check for consistency across a team
• Reduce development lifecycle time
• Auto-code generation
We have developed some software tools from scratch, but have also integrated with leading software development and UML modelling tools, our experience ensures that software teams make the most of their domain knowledge experts by keeping them focussed on product delivery.
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