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Over the years, we have worked with many clients and seen many different software and user interface processes, our own internal processes have evolved too and we would like to share some of our insights.

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Software Development & Integration Articles

These articles are designed to inform of development options and opinions on best-practice.

Our Zen Series of Software Articles

Zen Series - These articles aim to give some thoughtful insights into software development topics, introduced here...

Zen and the Art of Building a Great Software Team

Zen and the Art of Developing a Good Software Process

Zen and the Art of Software Maintenance

General Software Development Articles

Capturing Software Requirements, User Stories, User Interface and Entities - An Agile Approach.    Rewriting software is expensive, so the more you can get right first-time the better. To get it right you must...

User Interface Design / Development Articles

Also see our ARINC 661 articles section for articles releated to ARINC 661 UA and CDS development.

User Interface Design - Best Practice Guidelines - Some practical guidance on user interface development considerations, particularly aimed at large scale UI and UI Interfacing projects...

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