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Through our ongoing ARINC 661 User Application development consultancy and also through the delivery and support of our flagship ARINC 661 products UA2 and UA Emulator we have become experienced ARINC 661 practitioners.  As members of the ARINC 661 committee we are delighted to present some articles that we hope will be of interest.

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ARINC 661 Development – Articles

Short introductory Articles:

1. ARINC 661 – An Introduction / Tutorial


Brief introduction into the ARINC 661 standard, including its purpose, benefits, key constituent parts and common pitfalls… Read the ARINC 661 Introduction Article here.

White Papers, available on request:

1.    Addressing the Challenges of Developing ARINC 661 User Applications (request here)

2.    The 10 things every project should include in their ARINC 661 "Style Guide".   (Coming soon).

3.    Model Based Development for ARINC 661 Applications.  (Coming soon).

4.    Introduction to "Abstraction" techniques for ARINC 661 User Application Development.  (Coming soon).

For white paper requests and to view the abstracts here.

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