Are Flexible Software Solutions Right For Me?

Are you looking for a business with these principles?

  • Listen to clients first, before going on to discover real requirements and need
  • Always Provide straight talking and pragmatic advice
  • Work with the client’s preferred process and tool-set, avoid prescribing unnecessary change
  • Ensure support arrangements are in place post delivery

Our experts help with the delivery off User-Interface Development, as well helping software teams develop software smarter and faster, through improved tool-sets and processes.

7 Great Reasons for you to select Flexible Software Solutions

1. We take the time to understand what it is you really need

Every client has a unique elements to their process and development requirements. We take the time to meet our clients face-to-face and take them through a process designed to help identify all of your ultimate aims as well as the business issues that need resolving.

2. Broad Experience

Our team has a varied set of experience including: User Interface Development (sometimes known as MMI, HMI or UI), Software Development and Modelling Tool development, PC Based Software, Embedded Real-Time software, software deployed in demanding safety critical environments and even web hosted software. We have the right technical expertise to deliver advice and solutions that perform. Perhaps more importantly our broad set of experience enables us to pick the best possible software elements for each individual customer’s circumstances.

3. Specialist Technical Expertise

We are not tied to a particular technology choice; rather we will ensure that you get the most out of the technology choice that is right for you – bringing you the best solution for the minimum investment. We have specialist technical experience in delivering User-Interface developments, ARINC 661, embedded real time C++ code (DO178c) and desktop PC software as well as software / office tool integration. Process wise we have experts who have delivered to Agile development processes, bespoke customer processes and processes specially developed for DO178C compliance.

4. In-House not Out-Sourced

We believe that the heart of a successful software project is continuous and effective communication; that is why our software team members are all part of a core team that regular sit and work together. Outsourcing may seem cost effective, but we have worked with several clients who were disappointed to discover that the end-product failed to meet the hype.

5. No Jargon – just straight talking honest and pragmatic advice

If you come to us with a problem that needs to be solved we promise not to bamboozle you with technical software terms – we use plain English to explain the options that are relevant to your situation so that you can make informed choices to get what you really need.

6. Our Commitment

We are an agile business every customer and every customer is important to us, your complete satisfaction is paramount. Most of our business comes through referrals from happy customers or via enquiries based on reputation. If we take a project on you can be sure that we will deliver!

7. Our Fair Pricing Policy

We believe in delivering cost-effective software and services; meaning that our customers realise a return on their investment in the shortest possible amount of time. Our first consultation is usually free; we then work hard to determine a fair price for the work. Where there are options or additional extras we price these upfront so that you can make informed choices.

Most projects are split into phases, with demonstrations at the end of each phase. This means that tweaks to the requirements can be captured early and often accommodated for no additional cost.

Talk Freely!

We are often asked to help in commercially sensitive or secret areas. We can easily arrange Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDA) so we can share information freely. We take client confidentiality extremely seriously. We have a secured office and staff cleared for defence contracts work.

What About Intellectual Property?

We operate lots of different Intellectual Property Models including:

  1. Delivery is as a consultancy service – you the client owns all the IP
  2. Delivery is a licensed product, backed up with support – we own the IP
  3. Mixed, delivered solution has clear dividing lines where some IP is owned by us and other parts by the client.

We will work with you to determine the best IP arrangement for you, balancing ownership rights, costs, support needs, etc.