Dedicated tools for User Interface and ARINC 661 Development

ARINC 661 Software Development Products

ARINC 661 is a standard that enables safety critical user interfaces to be developed cost effectively when displays serve multiple systems in a platform. Integration between displays and systems can be complex and hard to manage, our ARINC 661 Development Products have common aims:

  • De-Risk ARINC 661 projects by reducing development times
  • Help to enforce Human Factors best practice and consistency
  • Simplify the development and test process – so focus can be on system and user interface outcomes instead of ARINC 661 Technical concerns.

Intelligent Tools for Efficient ARINC661 Development

The ARINC 661 standard enables multiple systems to share a common display system and interact with it. Driven initially by the commercial aviation industry it is adopted across different safety critical / complex system environments. ARINC 661 significantly cuts risk and development costs, as it enables individual systems to change without needing to re-certify a common display system.

In order to realise the benefits of ARINC 661, without shifting risk or development cost onto the systems that drive the display, specialist development tools are needed to enable engineers to deliver complex solutions that naturally follow best HMI practice.

User Application Accelerator (UA2) is a COTS tool which addresses the key challenges for systems and software developers interacting with ARINC 661 displays:

  • Rapid Development Environment, integrating with your preferred modelling tool

  • Control ARINC 661 displays with “System” data values and units

  • Reduced time to market with improved user interface consistency

Visit the UA2 website, or download a PDF here

Testing and verifying ARINC 661 Display Systems is non-trivial, UA Emulator (UAM) is designed specifically to address this problem. Includes easy-to-use features for ARINC 661 Message Debugging, CDS Developers, System Integrators and Unit Testers.

Visit the UA2 website, or download a PDF here


Complete Development Suite

For software developers and integrators that are working with both the Cockpit Display System definition and the User-Application software the complete development quite is an integrated set of tools designed to optimise solution building for ARINC 661:

  • Presagis VAPS-XT 661 – CDS Design Definition
  • FSS UA2 – User Application Accelerator for Model Based user application development with Rhapsody, Artisan, Simulink and others.
  • FSS UA Emulator – For system analysis, unit and development testing.

UA² - User Application Accelerator

UA² (User Application Accelerator) is the tool for ARINC 661 User Application Development. Build User applications and System integrations with your existing process and preferred modelling tool, see solutions running early on Windows before deploying to embedded target.

UA Emulator

UA Emulator is the ARINC 661 Message Analysis, CDS and UA test and development support tool. Dynamic CDS interaction can easily be created and recorded. Aimed at non ARINC 661 experts who need to test, verify or inspect systems and also ARINC 661 integration specialists who need full details at their fingertips.