Dedicated tools for User Interface and ARINC 661 Development

User-Interface System Integration Expertise

Sophisticated systems have complex user interface requirements, requiring significant development investment to perfect, at Flexible Software Solutions we are focussed on supporting system developers and integrators create rich and safety critical user interfaces. Our focus is on improving quality whilst reducing costs and risks.

Since FSS was founded in 2005 we have supported major UI developments and integrations working to standards such as DO178C and ARINC 661 including safety critical programmes.

Our Passion - Promoting User Interface Development Best Practice

In the safety critical systems world poor human and machine interaction can have serious consequences. Our passion at FSS is to help systems developers and integrators produce great user interfaces with reliable integration with the systems that sit behind. Complex real-time interactions need not mean expensive and hard to maintain solutions; we understand that with the right process, team and software tools great things can be achieved whilst keeping risks and costs low.

Key Contacts at FSS

Steve Lafferty – Managing Director

"The need for high quality software has never been greater, particularly within the user interface domain. Generating a high quality user interface experience demands high quality and expert personnel and I know the calibre of the people within FSS deliver that promise."

Steve Bray – Engineering Director

"Our ARINC 661 User-Application / CDS Development tools eliminate the technical clutter and enable your software engineers & integrators to focus their efforts fully on the user interface and its interaction with systems"

Rob Harwood-Smith - Technical Architect

“Making the correct technical decisions when optimising software architecture and selecting development tools can be key to managing overall development costs and risks.”

Gary Cowell – User Interface Process Architect

"There are so many pitfalls in modern User Interface development and User-Application development, that it has become paramount to develop good processes and to learn from others."







Supporting HMI Development

Our User-Interface development support falls into three categories:

  • Safety Critical User Interface Development consultancy and offload
  • ARINC 661 User Application software tools
  • Bespoke Development Tools / Integrations

Safety Critical UI Consultancy

User Interface development and system software interaction is a specialist field involving many different disciplines. We can provide one-off process assessments and pragmatic advice as well as extra team members on or off-site to help with User Interface design, User-Application development and Integration of systems.

ARINC 661 UA Software Tools

We believe that ARINC 661 need not be hard to implement even on large scale and complex systems.  Our software tools are designed to simplify ARINC 661 development and integration.

Test, verify, analyse and problem solve ARINC 661 Messages. The time saving tool for UA and CDS developers, testers and integrators.

Focus on User-Interface outcomes and not messaging, common user application development issues with ARINC 661 are eliminated with UA2 integrated with your preferred development tool

Bespoke Development Tools / Integrations

Do Your Software Development Tools Work Together?  As partners with major tool vendors (IBM Rational, Mathworks, Atego, Presagis) we can produce tool integration solutions that help your development teams “work faster and smarter”. So whether you want to join parts of your process together, improve metrics gathering, or trace or interoperability between teams, we can help.