Why Us?

1.       We take the time to understand what it is you really need
It is not easy to articulate business requirements – but don’t worry we can help. We meet customers face-to-face, and only when we truly understand your issues do we prescribe a solution which includes alternative options to help you make informed choices.
2.       Varied Experience
Our team has a varied set of experience from basic websites all the way to technical authority work on multi million pound software programmes. We draw on that experience ensuring that our customers are offered the best possible solution.
3.       Technical Expertise
We have a great team – giving us expertise in: Websites, SQL Databases, Software Process Improvement, Technical Lead Roles. This means we are capable of delivering a great solution using the most appropriate technologies.
4.       On shore not off shore
For a project to be successful there must be continuous and effective communication; that is why our software team members sit together in one office in Somerset (in the UK). We can offer high quality and hence great value by keeping all work in-house under our control.
5.       No gobbledygook – just straight talking honest and pragmatic advice
We use plain English to explain the options that are relevant to your situation so that you can make informed choices to get what you really need.
6.       Our Commitment
Every customer is important to us; as 90% of our business comes through referrals from happy customers – so you can be sure that we will deliver!
7.       Our Fair Pricing Policy
As a potential customer you want to know the size of the investment required and be sure that you will realise a return on that investment in the shortest possible amount of time. Every project is based on a fixed price proposal including any optional extras and ongoing support costs, thus enabling you to make the right choice.
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